Philipp E Geyer 25th Annual Lorne Proteomics Symposium 2020

Philipp E Geyer

Philipp Emanuel Geyer dedicated himself to the vison that mass spectrometry-based blood plasma proteomics will change diagnostics and clinical decision making in a way that will substantially increase our life expectations and the quality of how we live. The overall aim of his PhD thesis in Matthias MannĀ“s laboratories was to pave the way for biomarker discovery and clinical applications of proteomics by precision characterization of the human blood plasma proteome. He attempted this aim by streamlining the standard time consuming and labor intensive proteomic workflow, resulting in a rapid, robust and highly reproducible robotic platform. After his PhD, he took the opportunity to continue his research with great support from Matthias Mann in his laboratories at the Max-Planck Institute of Biochemistry in Munich and the Center for Protein Research in Copenhagen, where he is heading the plasma proteomics efforts by supporting a team of several very dedicated students focusing on new technology developments and biomarker discovery

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